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                Flush (hollow-core) door leaves «Fortis» collection consists of integral stamped HDF panels with a density from 800 to 1000 kg/m2 which considerably exceed indicators of quality of MDF panels with a density to 800 kg/m2. The solid panel makes the door resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. The strong design is suitable for installation in residential premises and public places. There are variants of each model both solid and glazed that allows the installation of door leaves in one design in all rooms of the apartment.
                The design of the door leaves «Venzel», «Oval» and «Classic» harmoniously complete the modern
                interiors of the classical direction: Neoclassic, Classic, Modern, Ampir.
                These classic design models are universal for most interiors of residential buildings. The door leaves can be manufactured solid and glazed. The door leaves withdrawing on the satin glass are available. Models
                «Venzel» and «Oval» are proposed with a transparent drawing and «Classic» — with a colored one. High-tech decor PVC Deluxe is used in the manufacture of doors. It is a strong, durable, and elastic material. PVC Deluxe coating accurately conveys the natural wood structure, color saturation, and texture.
                The doors of the collection can be combined with each other in different rooms. For example, in the kitchen and living room you can install a glazed door leaf «Classic», and in the bedroom and bathroom — a solid one.

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