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                High-tech style flush (hollow-core) doors of the «Kvadra» collection are inexpensive, stylish, and durable at the same time. Due to design, the door leaves «Gloria» and «Zlata» has lightweight and durability, which reduces the cost of transportation and storage. This is a budget option for installation in apartments with a large number of interior doors or with a limited budget for repair works. The doors of the «Kvadra» collection are proposed in PVC Deluxe and Eco-veneer decors, which allows you to choose the color for any interior.
                The PVC Deluxe is a polymer coating for interior doors, resistant to temperature changes, ultraviolet light, mechanical damage, and moisture. The decor very precisely transfers drawing of a cut of a tree, does not change color. Interior doors in PVC decor are difficult to distinguish from solid wood or veneer. The only thing that distinguishes them is a light glossy shine that resembles a lacquer coating.

                Ecoveneer is a high-tech decor of the German manufacturer IMPRESS, made on the principle of CPL (abb. Continuous Pressure Laminates — coating under prolonged pressure ). The main raw material for this material is the smallest particles of wood, connected by silicone under pressure. The material is painted in the initial stages of production, before mixing. Therefore all coverings of one kind are monophonic that excludes the emergence of differences of shades of ready door leaves.

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