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                The collection «Maestra» combines elegance, exquisite lines, and beautiful appearance. «Maestra» — highquality
                stile-and-rails doors with durable and strong construction. Each model consists of the following parts:
                • stiles made of pine timber and a composite filler;
                • rails made of pine timber and a composite filler;
                • MDF panels;
                • sealants;
                • coupling screws.
                Door leaves are made due to the technology without the use of an edge begging. Film PVC Deluxe completely
                envelops the individual parts of the product, making them look integral and aesthetically pleasing. The edges
                are more pleasant to the touch than when covered with an edge begging. This technology reduces the
                likelihood of damage to the edges during use, as they are completely covered with PVC film. Thanks to the
                original design and color combinations, doors of that series will become an unusual accent in the interior
                of a modern house or apartment.
                «Maestra» is for those who appreciate the exclusive appearance, harmonious realization, and originality!
                Interior doors covered with PVC film are difficult to distinguish from solid wood or veneered doors, although
                in comparison with them PVC Deluxe film has the following advantages:
                • does not lose color saturation and does not form cracks as a result of direct sunlight;
                • resistant to high humidity;
                • does not lose an aesthetic look at long mechanical influence.

                Maestra (8)

                Eskada - Height 200cm


                Epica - Height 200cm


                Prima - Height 200cm


                Premiera - Height 200cm


                Amata - Height 200cm

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