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                Practical and inexpensive stile-and-rails doors «Moda» from New Style Door Factory meet all requirements of the modern buyer. The universal design allows us to install them both in residential premises and in offices. They are not burdened with unnecessary drawings and engraving, have a simple geometric design with straight clear lines.
                The Interior doors of the «Moda» collection are covered with a special decor «ecoveneer». This is a new generation of coatings for door leaves that mimic the structure of natural wood. The coating is visually and tactilely doesn’t different from the surface of treated wood or natural veneer. At the same time, it is made of materials steady against mechanical influence and moisture. The door leaves are made without edge begging and that gives door leaves a more natural and integral look. The «Moda» collection includes the following models: «Triniti», «Lilu», «Leona» and «Leila».
                Ecoveneer is a high-tech decor of the German manufacturer IMPRESS, made on the principle of CPL (abb. «Continuous Pressure Laminates» — coating under prolonged pressure). The main raw material for this material is the smallest particles of wood, connected by silicone under pressure. The material is painted in the initial stages of production, before mixing. Therefore all coverings of one kind are monophonic that excludes the emergence of differences of shades of ready door leaves. Ecoveneer covering for our interior doors is made in Europe and meets high standards of chemical safety and environmental friendliness.

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