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                Interior doors for painting the collection «Simply» from New Style Door Factory — are a budget option for the design of the doorway. These flush doors are frame-panel door leaves with stamped HDF panels (skins). With the help of vacuum pressing, a wooden structure is applied to the surface of the canvas, which can be easily painted in any color that suits
                the interior.
                The collection has interior doors for painting the following models:
                • «Venzel»
                • «Classic»
                Doors in this design are also presented in the collection «Fortis» with PVC coating Deluxe. Different door leaves from the two series are well combined with each other. You can put glazed or solid versions of one model for different rooms.
                Painted doors give freedom to design thought. They can be covered with solid paint that mimics the color of wood, or bright saturated shades. You can also use popular colors for modern interiors — black, gray, pastel shades. For antique design, you can add patina, scratches, bronze, or gold. With a successful ensemble with accessories and antique furniture, the author’s interior doors complement the original design. The canvases are covered with a primer, so you can leave a pure white color, which harmonizes with almost any wall decoration.

                Simply (2)

                Simply Venzel


                Simply Classic

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