Doors and Handles Inc is empowered by Hi Tech Urban Development Group which has an outstanding reputation in quality and design. Doors and Handles focuses on combining professionality and customer-oriented service all around the world. The company values customers by providing stylish products such as a large variety of exterior and interior doors made from the best quality material which makes them magnificently durable and easy to install. The company also has numerous collections of door and furniture handles, knobs, and hooks including exquisite sets for kids. All products are fully guaranteed in terms of material and after-sales support services. 

The mother company embraces manufacturers and suppliers in different spots in the world with 700 employees, 4 offices, a few under construction, and 2 distinguished lines of production in the USA and Canada. Our experts in commercial and industrial fields provide customers with high quality and consistent standard services across the globe.

Our company has proudly been conscious of the importance of health and safety by adhering to high ethical standards that lead to the development of long-term business relations. Either manufactured or supplied, our products are thoroughly handled, punctually delivered, and safely installed to make customers entirely satisfied. With this approach, the company has succeeded in obtaining the merited confidence and support of its customers. 

The stated advantages will be accompanied by alternative financial solutions according to the client’s demands to address safe and comfortable services.